Euclid Financial is structured so that underwriting is the sole focus. Because we are unencumbered by broad-brush strategy edicts that many large insurers tend to have, we have the freedom to underwrite each risk on its own merits. Our underwriting philosophy is built on taking a different approach, or, a different angle, to risks which present challenges to the market. By utilizing a collaborative underwriting process and leveraging our experience, we can produce alternative solutions, both creative and practical, to our brokers and clients.

It is fitting that our corporate namesake is Euclid, named after the Greek mathematician known as the “Father of Geometry”. Around 300 B.C. Euclid constructed a groundbreaking treatise entitled Optics, which for the first time linked vision to geometry, creating the field of “geometric optics”.
Optics introduced a mathematical theory to perspective, and how an object appears in space relative to the eye. Euclid was the first to postulate that objects changed in size when viewed from different angles and different distances. Because Optics contributed a new dimension to the study of vision, it influenced later Western scientists; many Renaissance artists also used Euclid's Optics in their own work on linear perspective.


Euclid’s work in Optics captures the essence of our underwriting philosophy: approaching problems from a different angle to unlock solutions that otherwise may not be readily available in the market.
The spirit of our underwriting approach is reflected in our logo. At first glance, it may appear as a simple triangle, but after a moment of study a more complex picture is revealed. Your eyes may see different objects and angles within the triangle at different times, creating a unique perspective at each viewing. It all depends on your point of view. We think this captures perfectly our approach to underwriting: seeing things from a different angle.

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